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Butcher Box Canada & Papa Earth's value-based bulk meat order delivery service.

Butcher Box Canada
Bulk meat order services with Papa Earth provides cost savings, transparent pricing, free delivery in Ontario & Quebec, local meat & fish, and great customer care.



Local Butcher Box Canada farmers provide your bulk meat order.



Grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, and wild caught salmon.



Bulk meat order cost savings are available without hassle.

Butcher Box Canada provides the economical way to save on rising food costs. Bulk meat order delivery through Papa Earth can help you save money through their fill your freezer bulk meat order checklist. Learn more about bulk meat order savings with Papa Earth. local meat delivery is simple to order online and begin your farm to fork Butcher Box Canada experience.

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Pay less for bulk meat & fish.

Papa Earth bulk meat order products provide the best possible local source for farm fresh meat & fish delivery.
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Customer Experiences

Butcher Box has been my go to for meats for 3 years now. It is amazing quality meat. I feel better about the humanely raised options too. I have taken advantage of every "Free For Life" offer and now receive many things free of charge in my box. Quality, selection and some freebies, how can you go wrong?
Mary B.
Decided to try Butcher Box and I will never go back to store bought meats or fish. The flavor and tenderness of everything I've bought so far is great. I was a person who always used sauces on my meat. This is the first time I have actually enjoyed my food without it. I think the prices are good for the excellent quality plus I find I don't waste a lot of meat like I used to. The portion sizes are just right for my needs.
Susan B.
Great selection of high quality proteins. The packaging is the best! Everything arrived frozen solid and stayed that way for hours. The price is great; more affordable than grocery store prices for similar items. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality, sustainable, humane, and affordable proteins.
Marissa P.
I love Butcher Box because I can select the types of meat & seafood for my family’s taste. It’s so convenient, delivered frozen to my door, and the products are superb in quality & taste. The packaging makes it easy to pull out the exact quantity I need for a meal. You can add more to your box if you’re planning a larger event or you can suspend a box if you’re going away. I highly recommend Butcher Box!
Paula D.
I love my Butcher Box. I customize my order and can make changes whenever I like prior to delivery. Best quality, humanely raised grass fed beef, pastured chicken & pork and wild caught seafood. Convenient 1lb packaging - always arrives on time and is deep frozen ready for my freezer. Best of all no factory farms ever. It may cost a little more than supermarket prices but is worth every penny and - delivery is free!
Esme P.